Add plants to your decoration!

If you feel your home needs more warmth, you can add some plants.

Nature will add the touch of warmth you are looking for. Add potted plants in corners of any room. They will add beauty and style to your area.

Choose natural flowers to add warmth to your table.

In you feel your coffee table needs something else, pick up some vases and put one flower on each one to create a nice flower arrangement.

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Open shelves are great!

I love open storage because it lights the area.

But is very important to keep in mind that you must decorate the shelves  with pretty elements, other wise it will look  saturated and messy.

You can play with the colors and shapes of the items.

Sometimes is great place items in unexpected places.  It is all about creativity.


Cactus are great for a dramatic decoration.

3e6780c40f396ba5b88ae0e5441d70c2They look great in a modern and minimalistic decoration. Use a beautiful pot to enhance the beauty of the cactus.

Put your cactus near direct hot air. Do not expose it to frigid air, it can damage the cactus. They need a bright location with direct sun.

To enhance your cactus, cover the soil surface with gravel. Gravel has a purpose. Cactus and succulent potting soil contains lightweight wood bits. Gravel will keep securely in place.

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